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Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers

Meet Your Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers

Have you suffered an injury as a result of an accident in Ottawa? So many of our clients have told us that after suffering their injuries, they felt confused, alone and felt they had nowhere to turn. Our personal injury lawyers understand the challenges faced by our clients when dealing with the aftermath of an accident. Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers are on your side and are extensively trained to protect your rights and interests. They advocate for your cause. Our law firm is dedicated to helping accident victims and their families. Our law practice focuses solely on personal injury, disability and accident law. We are driven by our strong sense of justice and passion for helping others. We understand that when our clients suffer as a result of an accident, they suffer personally, physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially and even socially.

We help reduce the uncertainty of the legal process and are committed to fighting for Ottawa accident victims’ rights.

Our Personal injury Lawyers’ Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: we believe that every injury victim should be represented by a team of experienced lawyers who focus their law practice solely on injury cases. Every accident victim should have access to justice, no matter how or where they suffered injuries; or whether they suffered minor or serious catastrophic injuries. We believe in resolving our clients’ claims amicably and obtaining fair compensation for our clients. We advocate using alternative resolution processes such as negotiation, facilitation and in most cases mediation. However, every case we handle is processed on the assumption that it will go to trial so that every aspect of the claim is investigated and pursued fully from the day we are hired. Our focus is on providing highquality representation of our clients and we work tirelessly to fight for justice for all of our clients.

Our personal injury lawyers are focused on winning at every step of the claims process right from the very start. We fight for our clients with passion, dedication and experience. Because we accept the majority of our cases on a contingency fee basis (no fee until our clients settle), we share the risks on our clients’ files and are personally and financially invested in every file. We use every legal advantage we have, we are known to work on every file as a legal team and we are respected by the insurers and defence lawyers we work with.

If you, or someone that you care about, has been injured, we encourage you to contact one of our Ottawa personal injury lawyers. With our experience and resources, we can bring your file to a successful conclusion which addresses all of your needs. We fight for maximum monetary compensation after you’ve suffered a personal injury. Because of our expertise, aggressive case management process and experience, the majority of cases we handle settle (more than 95%).

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