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The use of Facebook to defame someone ! Watch Out ! Ottawa Injury Lawyer comments on growing case law protecting victims.

Facebook and Defamation – Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer comments on law and tort of breach of privacy The Courts, with changing times and ever changing technological advances does adapt to ensure wrongful acts (called torts in law) are recognized and victims are properly compensated. In the recent 2015 case of Hardev Kumar v. Vinod Khurana, the Court found in favour of an individual who was defamed. In doing so, the Court considered comments posted on Facebook which were ultimately found to be libelous (published false statement). The Court found that persons could be defamed (which includes spoken and written words) by means of internet communication such as postings on Facebook. In this case, the Defendant posted statements on the Plaintiff’s Facebook page that suggested that the Plaintiff was …

Wrongful Death Cases in Ontario – Ottawa Injury lawyer – Ottawa Wrongful Death Lawyer Explains Some Principles – Family Law Act Claims for Death of Family Members

Wrongful Death Cases in Ontario – Ottawa Injury Lawyer Explains Some Basic Principles – Family Law Act Claims In Ontario, family members (listed in the Family Law Act) can advance wrongful death claims against the person or persons who caused the death of a family member. In Ontario, “wrongful death” claims are called Family Law Act claims. Section 61 of the Family Law Act is the statutory provision that allows family members to seek wrongful death damages. That section of the Family Law Act of Ontario states in part as follows: Family Law Act PART V DEPENDANTS’ CLAIM FOR DAMAGES Right of dependants to sue in tort 61. (1) If a person is injured or killed by the fault or neglect of another under circumstances where the person …