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The use of Facebook to defame someone ! Watch Out ! Ottawa Injury Lawyer comments on growing case law protecting victims.

Facebook and Defamation – Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer comments on law and tort of breach of privacy The Courts, with changing times and ever changing technological advances does adapt to ensure wrongful acts (called torts in law) are recognized and victims are properly compensated. In the recent 2015 case of Hardev Kumar v. Vinod Khurana, the Court found in favour of an individual who was defamed. In doing so, the Court considered comments posted on Facebook which were ultimately found to be libelous (published false statement). The Court found that persons could be defamed (which includes spoken and written words) by means of internet communication such as postings on Facebook. In this case, the Defendant posted statements on the Plaintiff’s Facebook page that suggested that the Plaintiff was …

Slips, Trips and Falls in Ottawa. What you need to know as explained by an experienced Ottawa injury and accident lawyer specializing in winter fall cases.

SNOW AND ICE ACCIDENT LAWYERS – OTTAWA, ONTARIO FALL LAWYERS Who is responsible for paying compensation when a person falls due to ice and snow on another’s property? Owners and Occupiers and sometimes Contractors Marc Quinn is an Ottawa injury lawyer specializing in slip and fall cases. With nearly 20 years of experience as a slip and fall lawyer, he has handled every type of fall case you can imagine. He has extensive experience obtaining compensation for persons who have suffered personal injury as a result of slips and falls on snow, ice or other surfaces causing falls. Who is responsible in fall cases? The responsibility usually rests with the owner of the property on which the person fell, or the occupier on that property such as a …