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Who is considered an “owner” of a dog in Ontario dog bite cases?

In a dog owners liability case, who is considered an owner of the dog. That question is answered specifically in the Dog Owners Liability Act of Ontario. Section 1 of that act defines owner as “when used in relation to a dog, includes a person who possesses or harbours the dog and, where the owner is a minor, the person responsible for the custody of the minor”. The definition is reasonably wide and will include any persons who have control over a dog. Moreover, section 2(2) of the Act provides that where there is more than one owner of a dog, the owners are jointly and severally liable. In reading the definition of owner under the Act, it includes a person who harbors a dog. What is considered …

Slips and Falls on Ottawa Municipal and Private Property – Know Your Rights!

Ottawa Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Marc Quinn sees his fair share of slip and fall injury cases in Ottawa. With nearly 20 years experience in accident and injury cases, he has seen all types of slip and fall cases. With the weather in Ottawa, he received many calls relating to slip and fall accidents on private property and on public property like sidewalks, roads and municipal facilities. Extremely icy walkways make for slippery falls and walking is often a hazard for pedestrians in Ottawa. Often, CBC News reports falls in the City of Ottawa either on private property or on municipal sidewalks. Pedestrians are hurt and wanting compensation. They often turn to Marc Quinn, Ottawa accident and injury lawyer to start personal injury lawsuits against the municipality …