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dog attacks

Pain and Suffering Damages – Emotional Distress Caused by a Dog Injuring or Killing Your Dog? Ontario Dog Liability Lawyer Explains!

Can a dog attack injury victim obtain compensation for emotional distress in an Ontario dog bite cases? In a dog owners liability case, the main statute to consider (other than local by-laws), is the Dog Owners Liability Act of Ontario. That statute imposes strict liability on dog owners for payment of compensation to persons injured by dogs. Section 2 of that Act provides for liability where a dog has bitten or attacked a person “or domestic animal”. The term domestic animal was added to the Act recognizing that dogs can attack persons and other animals and cause injury. In general terms, a domestic animal is considered an animal that belongs to a species that is not wild by nature. One case often relied upon by personal injury lawyers …

Trial Procedure – Ottawa Injury Lawyer Provides Some Comments

Who determines the procedure to follow in a civil trial ? Going to court is risky business. There are advantages to going to a trial such as winning and winning costs, but there are risks too. In some cases, a personal injury plaintiff may potentially have their entire financial future riding on a single court judgment (or settlement). At trial the Judge or Judge and Jury will determine the issues including who wins or losses and what amount would be paid to a successful injured party. With so much on the line, what can be done to ensure that such an important process is handled fairly and justly? Ensuring fairness in the outcome of a case begins with fairness in the procedure leading up to and during a …