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Slips and Falls on Ottawa Municipal and Private Property – Know Your Rights!

Ottawa Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Marc Quinn sees his fair share of slip and fall injury cases in Ottawa. With nearly 20 years experience in accident and injury cases, he has seen all types of slip and fall cases. With the weather in Ottawa, he received many calls relating to slip and fall accidents on private property and on public property like sidewalks, roads and municipal facilities. Extremely icy walkways make for slippery falls and walking is often a hazard for pedestrians in Ottawa. Often, CBC News reports falls in the City of Ottawa either on private property or on municipal sidewalks. Pedestrians are hurt and wanting compensation. They often turn to Marc Quinn, Ottawa accident and injury lawyer to start personal injury lawsuits against the municipality …

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Car Accidents – Income Losses and Disability Benefits – How does it work?

In the recent case of Mazzucco et al. v. Herer et al, 2015 ONSC 7083, the Court analyzed the law in respect of deductions and set offs between disability benefits such as Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits and Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits and Income Loss damages where a disabled person received both. This case involved an injury victim seeking damages arising from medical malpractice. The Court decided on how deductions are applied when the injury victim receives both CPP and LTD benefits from past and future income loss. In this case, Mr. Justice Skarica stated that the following were existing legal principles in Ontario: Negligence damages are measured by actual loss. While there are some exceptions, “double recovery” is not awarded. One exception to the prohibition on …