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Our Fees

Everyone Deserves Fair Compensation

Pursuing a personal injury claim can be very expensive. The process is complicated, time consuming and often long. We believe that all injury victims deserve the benefit of experienced, dedicated lawyers.

In Ontario, in order to provide access to justice, lawyers are allowed to represent injury victims and their families on the basis of a contingency fee agreement. This allows our injured clients to pursue their claims for compensation without having to worry about paying for legal fees and litigation costs until the case is settled.

At QTMG Personal Injury Lawyers, we represent all injury victims and their families pursuant to a contingency fee agreement. With a contingency fee, whether or not fees are paid and how much is paid to your injury lawyer is contingent’ on the result obtained in your personal injury claim. Simply put, if nothing is recovered, you are not charged any legal fees. If a settlement is obtained, our lawyers then charge a percentage of the settlement as their fee. Because our lawyers assume some of the risks associated with your injury case, their fees are generally paid as a percentage of the amount recovered. Our standard percentage is 30% of the recovery.

As part of our commitment, we also pay for all necessary out of pocket expenses, medical records and expert report costs needed to properly advance your injury case to a successful conclusion.

Payment of all legal fees and expenses will be made only when your case is settled. Our commitment is as follows: If there is no settlement there is no fee. Most of our files settle.

Every personal injury case we accept is subjected to a full assessment, investigation and prosecution. As part of the usual process, we routinely retain the assistance of medical and non medical experts to assess our client’s cases. We pay for these costs and only recover them if the case successfully settles.

At QTMG Personal Injury Lawyers, we believe that financial concerns should not prevent our clients from obtaining the advice and representation of an experienced personal injury lawyer. That is why we provide free consultations, free case assessments and work on a contingency fee basis.

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