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slip and falls

Slip and Falls in Stores – Ottawa Fall and Injury Lawyer

Can stores be held liable to pay compensation if someone falls in their store? Slip and fall accidents occur frequently in stores and an Ottawa injury lawyer can help you obtain fair compensation. Stores invite people to come onto their property to purchase items. As a result, store owners and managers have a duty to keep the store reasonably safe. If the condition of the store (such as a wet floor or an object eft on the floor) contributes to or causes someone to fall and be injured, the store owner and occupier can ne held liable and have to pay damages (compensation) to the injured person. In Ontario, the Occupier’s Liability Act imposes a positive duty on store owners to keep their stores safe. Under that Act, …

Slips and Falls Causing Injuries on Ottawa Properties – Ottawa Accident Lawyer

Personal Injury Cases and Steps Taken by Ottawa Injury Lawyers – Slips and Falls If you have been injured if you have been injured in an accident anywhere in Ontario, chances are you may be able to obtain compensation from the person responsible for the accident. If you have been injured on someone else’s property, it is likely that the Occupiers Liability Act of Ontario will apply. This act mandates that all property owners and occupiers take reasonable steps to ensure persons using their property is reasonably safe at all times. Your Ottawa personal injury lawyer will take many steps to advance your claim. For instance, in Ontario, parties are governed by the Rules of Civil Procedure, which mandates every party to disclose all documents that are relevant …